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Seeding Earth with Prayer

Prayer of the World brings forth the voices of stone, star, sea and the beings of creation, pleading with us to join the ongoing Prayer of life that is all around us.   Kathleen Maia and Ken Tapp went as pilgrims to many sites, listening, writing, taking photos. 


At several sites the plea from Earth was                      especially strong:

From Alaska
From the Gulf Shore during the Oil Spill

"The grief of Earth

can no longer be contained

In a time of change and upheaval,

many are confused;

they look to charts   numbers    graphs.

Look to Earth's heart.

      There is a level of heart

       that your instruments

        cannot understand.

Earth's heart needs 

          comfort    reassurance  

            The Prayer of the World."                                                                                        

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and so--     
             A Project for Earth

Seeding the Earth With Prayer

Bring to mind a place that is no longer the way you remembered it in the past. Consider taking the Prayer of the World to that place. Read some of the Prayer-- and any other prayers you wish.  Asking prayerful permission, leave the book in that place--tuck it into the Earth-- a gift of prayer, seeding the Earth with prayer.                          

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"I am Mother

I speak from the oil-filled sea

I ask for the song of healing

             My Song    in me     for me

  Now is the time    to raise the song of Love

              the Prayer of Earth

Your prayers help gather all back   into My Breath

               to heal the suffering beings

               of this water   of this land     of the world

please heal me    sing me back to strength

                 the time of the singing is here."

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      "We remember how you were. 

And our prayer is for you to return."

We'd love to hear about where you went.  If you took any photos, we'd love to see them.  Please use the contact box on the website and let us know.  We're preparing a website map to share where Prayer of the World has traveled.

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