Prayer of the World 

      Poetry by Kathleen Maia Tapp    

      Photography by Ken Tapp                                                                           Music by Ken Jacobsen


  Kathleen Maia Tapp's poems have appeared in journals, magazines and anthologies, including Wisconsin Academy Review, Orion, Friends Journal, Cricket, and many others. She is the author of many novels for children.  




Ken Tapp is an award winning nature photographer whose work has appeared in  Birds and Blooms, Wisconsin Wetlands publications, Cricket, and many other publications.



Ken Jacobsen is a folk musician, joining poetry to music to create the Rainbow Prayer Song


Together Maia and Ken travel as pilgrims, listening,writing and taking photographs at many sites -- from the arctic tundra,  Everglades, and Smoky Mountains, to the Grand Canyon, Kilauea volcano and the glaciers of Alaska—and beyond.

                        The poetry and images from these places bring us

                                   Prayer of the World                                                                                             

                       the voice of stone, sea, sky, earth  calling to us:

                                    Awaken      Join the song--  

                           the ongoing prayer of life and breath


Me on Appalachian  trail.jpg
maia grand canyon 2-e.jpg


44-a-P-Tree-Jupiter Night Sky.jpg

          " All is connected in a living breathing web

        and I am the web    the living pulse of energy

  that flows through all creation    each pulse a prayer"

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